Use Photography to Build Websites and Online Portfolios


Using photography to build websites and online portfolios is an excellent way to share your photos with the world! Read this article and discover how to get yourself online!


There are many reasons why you as a professional photographer should have your own website and online portfolio. Not only it is a great way to share your photos but also you will let the whole world know what you are capable of. You will be able to backup your best work to a safe and secure server in the cloud. The cloud is like an insurance policy that will protect your files if anything unfortunate happens to your collection of hard drives or to your computer.

Having your own website or online portfolio will allow you to present your talent and photographic skills and earn some money from them at the same time. It doesn’t really matter whether this means promoting yourself as a product, events or wedding photographer to potential customers or selling prints of your best portraits or landscapes – having an online space will automatically put you in a much stronger position. You can finally show the world how professional you are!

Before, in the early days of the internet and web, it used to be the case that if you were interested in creating your own personal website you would need to be familiar with the web-building software, including Adobe Dreamweaver and know how to use specialist code such as CSS and HTML. If you don’t have the necessary knowledge or background, you would probably need to pay a professional web developer and designer to do the process for you.

Today, this is no longer the case. Today, almost everyone can build and design a website and this is because of the website building and hosting companies. These companies specialize in DIY website building and development using easy-to-use content management systems. The content management systems act as intermediaries between you and your website. Ten years ago, these systems were pretty clunky and fiddly, but today, they have been streamlined and simplified to the point where absolutely anyone can use them.

Before you do anything, it is really important to decide what type of website you want for your photography business. You need to ask yourself – what purpose will my photography website serve? Do you want your website to act as a photography portfolio where can you securely archive and upload high-quality and full-resolution photos for other people to look at or you are planning on creating something more commercial, a shop where your followers can purchase some of your latest pieces?

These are important considerations that will significantly impact on the type of website you want to build. Also, it will affect the cost and your time as well.

Come up with a plan, organize your thoughts and know exactly what you want. Determine the type of website, the layout, and the background, the photos you are going to include in your online portfolio, and your target audience. Once you will determine these things, you can choose and purchase a domain name. Make sure the domain is simple, catchy, and easy to remember. If you have the perfect domain in mind, check whether or not it is available. If the name is available, buy it and start building your website online portfolio.

Use the right photography to build your website and present your best work only! Show the world you are a talented and professional photographer! Don’t forget to use the social media networks where you can also promote your photography business! For some inspiration check this link :