Identifying the best free photos for social media activities and blogging

Experts agree that with the right photos, anyone can turn their average social media profile or blog into an attractive online space that can easily become viral. But, using someone else’s photos can turn into a legal issue too. Do you know which photos are copyrighted? What does Creative Commons license mean?

In order to avoid any problems, you should assume that any photo found online is protected by copyright. Google allows users to find photos, but this doesn’t mean that they are free to use. On the other hand, Creative Commons license is a license that allows certain permissions. There is more than one type of licenses like this. What is more important is that people can find great photos for free.

To start with, you can find free photos, thanks to Google. Simply, type the search term, go to images, advanced search and change the usage rights search option – look for free to use or share images.

But, there is even a better way to find great free stock photos for your social media profile or blog. Namely, you can use one of the well-established websites that are sharing free photos. Some of the best websites of this kind include:


Gratisography was founded by Ryan McGuire, a well-known visual artist. In fact, all the photos found on this platform are his creation. So, it is really a matter of personal preferences – some people like his photos while others are not great fans of his work. In any case, this is a source that is worth mentioning.

Death to Stock Photos

It is easy to get confused when you read the name of this website for the first time because you are looking for stock photos. Well, the basic idea was to show the world that the term stock photos have been degraded and that typical stock photos don’t have to be boring and unattractive. Death to stock Photos includes a collection of impressive free stock photos. By subscribing to their email list, you will be getting free photo packs once a month.


Flickr is best known for the paid stock photos, but you can use it to look for free stock photos too. The search feature of this website is great and you can get many relevant results once you type in the keywords you are using.

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