Well-established places to get free photos for your website

As the old saying goes – a picture is worth a thousand words. The fact is that the situation is not changed even today in this digital age where millions of people are using the Internet to get information, to communicate with each other and to run businesses. Even the most engaging article won’t look that great without an image in it. By adding relevant and interesting photos to blog posts and articles you can expect much better exposure. Many of you are aware of these facts, but only a small number of people know where to find interesting photos for their sites without breaking the bank. This is the main reason why we have decided to use and review the greatest, well-established places to get free stock photos for a website.

  1. Free Digital Photos

There is no doubt that Free Digital Photos has one of the greatest collections of free, premium-quality photos. Most of the photos there are in high definition resolution which means that you can enrich your website with spectacular imagery. There are hundreds of free photos on Free Digital Photos and we are sure that you will find the right ones for your website.

  1. PhotoPin

PhotoPin is not your classic free stock photo website. This online platform allows you to search images based on your keywords. It is based on Flickr because it does the research there and filters the results – you will get photos that are under Creative Commons Zero license. Look at PhotoPin as some sort of an advanced search feature on Flickr.

  1. Stock Vault

According to the latest statistics, Stock Vault has more than 40.000 free photos. These photos were downloaded about 150 times on average. In addition to great photos, you will find some unique clip arts, textures and graphics too.

  1. xchang

Another place where we are sure that you will find quality photos for your site. It contains a database that includes more than 400.000 images and the number of images is growing every day. Simply use your keyword to find relevant photos and download them in any size you want.

  1. Fotolia

Fotolia is primarily used by people looking for paid photos, but there is a search option that allows visitors to look for free stock photos too.

There are a few other great options for free stock photos out there, so make sure to do some research.

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